When everything goes “right”

Sometimes everything just goes according to plan. All the pieces come together and you can’t help but think this is meant to be.

That’s how it was going for me. Once we decided on IVF everything was going my way. I was stressed about coming up with the 15K (15K being an estimate of the costs plus travel, since my RE is several hours away), but I knew with great budgeting it would work. And then we started getting random money. My husband was able to work some overtime and got paid a ton extra. Then we got a refund from school for overpaying. And then we found out he gets and education credit from work, so we got another check. Money was literally rolling in and I kept thinking this is meant to be. More than one friend mentioned me having a child this next Christmas, which is right around the time, if IVF worked, I’d have a little one. I was told “it’s your time” a few times. I started to relax and I just knew it was all true. This is gonna work out. I’m gonna get pregnant and stay pregnant from this IVF.  This IVF is the answer. I’m gonna be a mommy.

And then fate, the bitch that she is, stepped up.

Through some deliberate withholding of information, I am not a candidate for the IVF package I was supposed to by using. See, because the US government doesn’t believe infertility is a problem, I have to pay out of pocket for every bit of testing and treatment I receive. For IVF, that’s $20,000. I was told about a “special” my office was running, where they offered IVF for 10K instead. Twenty thousand is a little out of reach right now, but 10K I could make happen with a little sweat. I worked and worked and saved and saved. Then when I went up for my consult, the ball dropped and the truth came out. “Oh this isn’t for real, regular IVF, this is low-stim, or mini-IVF.”

Let me tell you why this is bullshit.

  1. Their mini-IVF is already ~ 10K, so how is this a savings?
  2. Multiple times we discussed storage of “all the extra embryos” I would have. Except the entire point of low-stim is having only enough to transfer, with no leftovers, so why at this point did they not tell me it was low-stim??? Why were they carrying on?


So here I am, back in the waiting game. We decided to pay off my car with the money we had saved, and start saving again for the BIG IVF in January of next year. Apparently we are gonna try some IUIs even though they won’t work and even if they do, they won’t last… but I guess it’s better than sitting here doing nothing.

Oh, and we are added to the roster to start our foster classes in two weeks! YaY!


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