28 March 2018

Oh my darling, how loved you are. When I first saw that faint little pink line on the pregnancy test, I truly couldn’t comprehend it. I tested about a million times more in the following days, each time being more and more in awe.


12 February 2018

From mommy: Hiya little bee. Are you cold right now? You definitely are! Right now, if everything went as well as we think, you are sitting in a freezer in New York. I went through lots and lots of needles, lots of pills, a trip across the country, and a minor "surgery" for you. You … Continue reading 12 February 2018

Moving Mountains

Infertility is really hard. It’s also pretty lonely. Through this process, I have been really outspoken. I’ve posted things on social media. I’ve never left it out of conversation, and I am blatant about our struggles when people ask questions. I’ve made a lot of friends that way. People have reached out to me to say “me too.” I have a network now. Different infertility diseases, different points in the process, different religions, different ideas. But we all are infertile.