09 January 2018

Hi little Honeybee, I know it’s been a bit. Don’t worry, little love, my desire for you has never wavered. It all has been hard to think about while I’ve been laying in wait. It’s even harder to think about when we are so close to making you. Any day now we should be starting … Continue reading 09 January 2018


Moving Mountains

Infertility is really hard. It’s also pretty lonely. Through this process, I have been really outspoken. I’ve posted things on social media. I’ve never left it out of conversation, and I am blatant about our struggles when people ask questions. I’ve made a lot of friends that way. People have reached out to me to say “me too.” I have a network now. Different infertility diseases, different points in the process, different religions, different ideas. But we all are infertile.