Stir Crazy in the Wait!

I'm going crazy with the anticipation and anxiety here. IVF is quickly approaching. We have an appointment next week with the OBGYN that will be doing my monitoring, and an appointment next month with the RE to go over meds, etc, and then we will start the stim process with my first cycle in 2018! … Continue reading Stir Crazy in the Wait!


Moving Mountains

Infertility is really hard. It’s also pretty lonely. Through this process, I have been really outspoken. I’ve posted things on social media. I’ve never left it out of conversation, and I am blatant about our struggles when people ask questions. I’ve made a lot of friends that way. People have reached out to me to say “me too.” I have a network now. Different infertility diseases, different points in the process, different religions, different ideas. But we all are infertile.